Wisconsin hemp industry switching from state to federal oversight signals changes for growers

From Great Lakes Echo: The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s new regulation of Wisconsin’s hemp program will be beneficial, experts say, but growers remain skeptical. Wisconsin’s hemp program is transitioning...

cbdMD Announces Official Multi-Year Partnership of the Wodapalooza Fitness Festival

Exciting things are happening in the worlds of fitness and CBD. cbdMD, a leading CBD company, announcing recently it's partnership with the Wodapalooza Fitness Festival. Read more below to get all the details on this partnership set to debut in January 2022.

The Benefits Of CBD Products To Improve Life Quality

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Why does cannabis make me hungry?

Cannabis can have all sorts of effects on its users. Commonly, however, is the experience of munchies - or snacking while high. But why does that happen? Read what cannabis clinician Dr. Leigh Vinocur...

The Best Grounding Techniques for Anxiety Relief

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