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PawsDr is a leading provider of all natural, made in the USA, CBD Oil for dogs.  Each ounce contains 500mg of active CBD oil for dogs and is often used as follows.

  • Improve digestive function
  • Reduce muscle spasms
  • Relieve itchy skin
  • Provide Hip & Knee Support
  • Improve circulation in dogs
  • Stimulate Appetite
  • Reduce stress & anxiety

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PawsDr Hemp Oil For Dogs
why give your dog cbd oil

Designed to work for all pets from small lap dogs to large breed dogs. This all natural CBD oil for dogs is great tasting and specifically formulated for your family pet.

I have been personally giving this to my 6 year old English Mastiff for the last year. She had suffered from hip pain and stress related to thunderstorms and fireworks. Within a month of use she was much calmer during storms. After 2 months we noticed her range of motion had greatly increased.

If you have been looking for this product since Amazon started removing all CBD products from their site you’re in luck. We look forward to expanding the products we offer on Healing Bud in the coming months, but when our friends needed our help we knew the time was now to start promoting CBD based products for the good of our readers.

Make sure to know the quality and source for your pets best health. Many companies are selling cheap diluted CBD products focusing on price over quality. Not only is this a bad deal when you look at the quality of the product but it can be potentially dangerous for your dog. PawsDr uses only safe and all natural ingredients as well as the highest quality medical grade CBD available on the market. We go to the organic source to get the best quality CBD oil for your best friend.

recommended dosage of CBD oil for dogs
recommended dosage

It’s worrying seeing our dogs limp their way around the house, and it’s upsetting as they flinch to our caring touch. If you’re like most loving dog owners who have a dog with arthritis or pain, you feel hopeless, and like you should be doing more. Well, now you can with a little help from PawsDr.


It’s our Triple-Distilled Organic Hemp Extract that sees elderly pets moving easier and with far less side effects than other impurity filled dog hemp oil.


Our 14 year old dog has severe arthritis, and we discovered 500mg was a far more effective dog arthritis supplement than 250mg to ease his pain. So it made perfect sense to formulate PawsDr with the same optimized pain relief. Believe me, 1000mg is far too high – unless you’re a master at one eighth of a dropper every day.


Once your dog has found comfort with PawsDr, you will too. And things like snuggles, walks and jumping up on the bed can become fun again. And you can finally relax knowing your dog is no longer suffering, and all from this unflavored oil that they eat happily with their food.

PawsDr High Strength Hemp Oil For Dogs With Arthritis and Pain
… When Joint Supplements, Glucosamine Just Won’t Do.

It’s easy to feel helpless when our pets are in pain. Some dog pain relief pills won’t work, and some will have side-effects. You know you shouldn’t feel like it’s your fault, but it’s only natural to feel that way.

So at PawsDr, we developed high-strength, triple-distilled Dog Hemp Oil, so you can finally relax, knowing your furry companion is feeling better, naturally.

The results speak for themselves! Greater hip and joint mobility, appetite, more pats and hugs, and a calm sleep. You’ll see a smile, and you may even have them bouncing around like a puppy again!

PawsDr Hemp Oil For Dogs
USDA Organic, Non-GMO, Mad in the USA
The Secret to Our Dog CBD Oil is Balance and Purity

As we discovered with our own dog, dose matters. 250mg oils aren’t enough, while 1000mg can be risky, requiring very precise drops. So PawsDr stays with the safe, yet potent 500mg. Just ½ a dropper delivers 8.3mg of Hemp Oil to a 21-49lb pet – guide included.

We use the entire Hemp plant for the highest purity.  Our organically farmed hemp oil for dogs is triple-distilled to remove impurities.

PawsDr Anti-Inflammatory CBD Oil For Dogs Works With Animals Brain Receptors for: Inflammation Pain, Seizures, Joints, Separation Anxiety and More! 

  • 100% Otis Approved! (Our new English Goldendoodle, and Chief Researcher)
  • Made in the USA in a GMP Certified, FDA Registered Facility.
  • Odorless Hemp Oil for Pets, Just Add to Food
  • Amber ‘light resistant’ Bottle Retains Potency


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